‘A‘ohe hana nui ke alu ‘ia.
No task is too big when done together by all.

Hawaiian Proverb

It starts with yourself

What can I do to support something I believe in, in my own town? In my state?


begin Small. Find healthy alternatives for your everyday life.

  • eat healthier foods

  • consume less plastic

  • produce less waste

  • spend more time in nature

  • buy local products

  • sign a petition

  • reduce carbon footprints by walking, bike riding, or carpooling when an option

  • invest in a reusable water bottle to stop using single use plastic bottles

  • promote important issues through personal social media

Know your area. Eat at restaurants that serve local ingredients. Support local promotional events. Engage and give back to your community.

Eat better, feel better. (specific to Tahoe region)


Use your dollar to invest in causes you support and move away from funding facilities operating with unethical practices. Look in your local area and search online for shops that align with your interests. If you feel negatively about buying cheap clothes from places most likely engaging in unethical practices but can’t spend a lot of money on clothes consider local thrift shops and consignment stores to use fashion that’s out there that doesn’t need to be put in another landfill.


Find organizations that you support and give back to your community. It doesn’t matter whether it’s by service or supply, it matters thats you’re doing something.


Build Bigger. Learn about what motivates you. Take Action.

Understand what topics you care about. Learn if there are any organized groups already meeting about the subject matter. Call your senator and prepare a concise speech on behalf of the cause you support. Join National movements.


*** Try no to overwhelm yourself by doing everything at once. Start small and build bigger to help you discover your personal passions. If you’re doing this not because you want to but because of other reasons you could burn yourself out overtime.