Political Sustainability

Political sustainability is also a newer idea of contribution to sustainability. Politics plays a great role in influencing and shaping the future so, let’s hold it accountable as well.

High levels of economic inequality lead to imbalances in political power, as those at the top use their economic weight to shape our politics in ways that give them more economic power.
— Joseph Stiglitz

There are multiple ways to look at this foundational concept. To make it more clear let’s keep it simple. There are bigger political influences like National and Federal regulation along with focused political influences like local state or county leaders. Both are incredibly, the big influencers oversee more citizens and responsibilities and the focused political influencers have the opportunity to enact change or direction quicker by reaching community agreement faster than would the entire country. Also, every location has its’ positive and negative qualities and those who know it best are the local people, therefore there should be a strong sense of self-determination governance in all areas.

There is also the component of understanding the purity and corruption within politics. Not every politician is bad and not every politician is good, it’s important to understand the motive behind the actions of your big and focused political candidates. The most important thing to do however is to


Register to vote, research who is going to fulfill achieving goals that you align with, and do what you can to support that/those candidate(s) and make sure to vote.

Almost any and every issue you can think of is influenced politically, and chances are there is already some type of movement you could work with to make a difference. Know what topics you support or don’t support, back-up your reasoning with credible sources, and learn what you can do to support what you believe in. We all have a say in the future we want to build, but we do need to put some work in to achieve it.

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