Have you seen the term SUSTAINABILITY

& don’t know what to make of it?

You're not alone.


There are many different paths sustainability can lead you down. As a whole, it addresses multi-layered global issues while constantly evolving. This means it’s a huge topic that is regularly updating itself.

Traditionally, sustainability focuses on human-made environmental impact in accordance to population growth and resource consumption. A few main goals are to counteract the damage, pollution, and inequity humans created by means of industrialized living by forming cohesive and efficient solutions that in some way, shape, or form, benefits everybody. As an example, most people who have a passion for this topic invest their time and energy in one or multiple initiatives: zero waste living, alternative renewable energies, environmental and wildlife preservation/conservation, social and economic equity within minority communities, and more. Curious as to how you can contribute?



Let’s take a step backwards to understand our subject a little more clearly.

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Expanding Frameworks

Hopefully by this point you’re more interested than intimidated! Let’s keep expanding our knowledge of sustainability to discover each of our personal passions.

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